Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Right for me?

Earning college credit by taking distance courses is convenient and flexible, but responsible study habits and the ability to learn independently are a necessity to successfully complete the course. Distance courses are most appropriate for disciplined students who can work independently and complete course work on time.

Online Course study requires self-motivated, self-disciplined, and organized students.  Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I have college-level writing and reading skills?

  • Can I devote 10-15 hours, per week to 1 online class?

  • Do I have access to a reliable computer with Internet access?

  • Can I stay connected to the Internet for at least 2 hours?

  • Can I send, receive, and attach files using email?

  • Am I proficient using a web browser and downloading files?

If you answered yes to the above questions, you may find that distance education and online courses may be the best learning environment for you.

Online course study requires independent learning and strict adherence to a structured schedule.  You will need to a balance your time around the requirements of the course. Course materials may include other resources outside your online class such as:  textbooks, online video and audio, Internet articles and research, notes from lectures, etc.

Students are expected to complete all coursework.  In order to remain enrolled in the online course, students must maintain academic progression. Students who have not accessed and/or participated in a course in any two week period may be dropped.

Remember: the distance learning environment does not have the face-to-face interaction with classmates and instructors, therefore communication will be web-based in the form of e-mail, discussion boards, chat rooms, live video chats, etc.

Are there specific Requirements/Recommendations for Online Learners

Do You have what it takes? Here is a quick rundown of the requirements / recommendations for online learners to help students prepare for online learning. Information ranges from prerequisites to Internet connections.  Take a look at the information below:

Students should meet the following for online courses:

1. It is recommended (but not required) that students have satisfactorily completed the computer placement test.

2. Met one or more of the following recommendations: satisfactorily completed or tested out of CIS 070 or  successfully completed an online or hybrid course at WCC, or developed the necessary computer skills through other computer-related courses/training (i.e., continuing education, on-the-job, etc.)

3. Have access to a reliable Desktop or Laptop computer. Smart phones are not sufficient for completing online course work.

4. Have access to a reliable Internet connection with at least a 56K modem.

Students should have the following skills/abilities and be able to:

1. Use an Internet browser (especially Firefox).

2. Conduct Internet searches using various search engines.

3. Compose, send and receive e-mail with attachments.

4. Use Microsoft Word.

5. Save files in various formats.

6. Download and upload files from the Internet.

7. Allocate the time needed to participate in an online course.

8. Obtain and install software required for the course.

9. Maintain academic progression through the duration of the course.

How do I know if I am ready to take an online course?

WCC has a simple form, Student Readiness Assessment Check Sheet used by Advisors for students interested in registering for a distance education class.

Is there any other information I should read about distance education?

For more information on distance education we suggest you look at the What is Distance Education? (opens in a new window) page and the Online Courses and Distance Learning – Is it for me? (opens in a new window) page. Other information about distance education courses, policies, and enrollment and login instructions are defined the WCC Schedule of Courses (opens in a new window).

I am ready, how do I Apply Now? (opens in a new window)

How do I register?

Registration for an online course is the same as registering for any other course the college offers. For admission info, please call 919-735-5151ext 6720 or visit the Admissions page (opens in a new window)

Using the Webadvisor, Current students (who are enrolled in courses) can register and pay for classes online using Webadvisor. However, students must meet with their advisor prior to their posted registration date, which will be emailed to you via your WCC Mail. To visit the Webadvisor site go to: and click Webadvisor link.
Recipients of veterans educational benefits must see the coordinator of Military Assistance Programs before enrolling in a distance education course.

For more information on Admissions and Registration, Schedules & Calendars, Course Search, Non-Credit courses, Student Services, Bookstore, WCC Technology Services, Policies, etc. click Distance Education Resources (opens in a new window) page.

Can a distance learning course be full?

Yes. Courses do have enrollment limits and online courses generally fill-up fast. Register for classes as soon as you are allowed.

How much does it cost?

Tuition or Refund Questions?  Visit the Paying for Classes page (opens in a new window)
You are financially and academically responsible for all classes in which you enroll. If you wish to discontinue college attendance you must officially withdraw.

When you register for a class, the charges for tuition and any fees will appear in the “Financial Profile Menu” in WCC Webadvisor. There is no paper bill sent in the mail. You are responsible to pay your tuition by the designated date or you will be purged from the classes you registered for. Payments can be made online through “Financial Profile Menu” in WCC Webadvisor.

It is your responsibility to drop/withdraw from any class you do not plan to attend. Notify your advisor as soon as you make this decision. For college policy regarding refunds, visit the Paying for Classes page (opens in a new window)

Students who do not access or attend classes during the first week of the term may be dropped from their courses. In order to avoid possible administrative withdrawal:

  • Students enrolled in an online course must access the course and complete initial assignments as directed in each course, usually within the first 48 hours of the day your class is scheduled to begin.
  • Hybrid courses generally meet on-campus prior to entering the online course environment.
  • Do not assume that the instructor will automatically drop you from their class; it is your responsibility to drop any class you do not plan to attend.

Do I need to buy textbooks?

Yes. All credit distance learning courses require textbooks. Prices vary widely. Books are available in the WCC Bookstore, the main campus bookstore. You may also order books online or over the phone using VISA/MasterCard. You can see the textbook list for each course on the WCC Bookstore (opens in a new window) website or call the Bookstore (919) 735-5151.

When do I begin my distance learning course?

Distance Learning courses follow the same term schedules as classes on campus. WCC offers 16 week and 8 week courses. Students enrolled in a Distance Learning course must access the course and complete initial assignments usually within the first 48 hours of the day your class is scheduled to begin.

Am I required to be online at a certain time?

Generally, no. Most online courses run on a week to week schedule. Students are expected to complete assignment on a week to week basis, however all courses are different. Once in the course, always read the syllabus and welcome message carefully.

Will I need to come to campus for tests?

Some instructors may require proctored examinations. Online classes that do have some on-campus requirements will have that identified in the WCC Schedule of Courses (opens in a new window). Students can make arrangements to complete these at other proctoring locations, not just on campus. The instructor will work with you or setting up an approved testing or proctoring site.

How do I contact my instructors?

Your instructors’ contact information may be listed in the WCC Schedule of Courses (opens in a new window).

Helpdesk for Moodle

If you need further assistance, please contact the Distance Education Department at 919-739-7023 or 919-739-7029; or email to Or visit the Distance Education Department at WLC 305 during campus business hours.