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Former Instructor Seeks to Interview Students for Research Project

November 06, 2019

A doctoral student wants to interview current and former community college students about their decisions to pursue a higher degree in science or science technology.

Retired Wayne Community College biology instructor Maureen Loomer, who is now a student at Capella University, is seeking subjects for her project titled “Work Experiences that Support Community College Students’ Science Persistence: A Qualitative Study.” The study will examine the non-academic work and volunteer experiences of current and former community college students who describe such experiences as supporting or not supporting their decisions to persist in pursuing science majors.

Target participants are current students,18 years or older who have completed at least one semester of community college, and former community college students who have transferred to a university within the past six years, who have declared or intend to declare a major in a natural science, engineering, or computer science/technology.

They must also have engaged in “work you believe to have influenced your attitudes about a science or technology degree” including paid employment and military service; work-study, service-learning projects, or grant-funded student research; or volunteer work, Loomer said.

Study participants will be compensated for their time with one $15.00 gift card at the completion of each of two face-to-face interviews that will last approximately 40 minutes each.

All communications and data collected will be kept private and confidential.

Anyone interested in participating should contact Loomer at for more information. Access a brochure about the project here: Loomer Science Persistence Research Brochure

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