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Risk, Reward: Student Finds Inspiration in Insurance

February 06, 2024

Trent Tyndall had his future career all mapped out — and thanks to Wayne Community College, he’s on the road to success.

Through WCC’s Risk Management and Insurance program, Tyndall gained an in-depth background on the ins-and-outs of the insurance industry. The 100-percent online program offers flexible classes delivering the tools and skills required for a rewarding insurance career.

Trent Tyndall works as an Associate Underwriter at Atlantic Casualty Insurance Company.

Now working for Atlantic Casualty Insurance Company, Tyndall says he applies what he learned in the classroom to practice almost every day. Thanks to his education at Wayne Community College, he’s fulfilling his career goals at the highest level, with a company ranked #19 on Fortune 500’s list for Best Workplaces in Financial Services and Insurance in 2023.

“A lot that I’ve learned has translated over to this job,” the proud Bison reflects.

Finding his path

After graduating high school in 2019, Tyndall says his career aspirations were non-existent. He knew he needed to go to college but struggled to identify a specific career path: “I had no idea what I wanted to do. I was just as lost as could be.”

Before he found insurance, Tyndall found inspiration. Soon after committing to the accounting program at Wayne, he realized that the coursework didn’t align with his interests. That’s when he pivoted in a different direction — one that was close to home.

“I have family that’s in the insurance business,” says Tyndall. “So, I got with them, and we talked about it. I did my own research … it turned out to be really good for me.”

An in-demand industry

Students in the Risk Management and Insurance program learn about topics ranging from ethics and accounting to claims adjusting, property and casualty, accident, life, and health insurance. Completing the program takes about two years and allows graduates to enter in-demand insurance pathways at agencies, accounting firms, small businesses, and banks.

The program connects grads to high-powered careers… with paychecks to match. A career path as an insurance underwriter comes with an average salary of $74,350 in North Carolina. Meanwhile, insurance agents command $57,940, while claims adjusters pull in an annual average of $68,140.

Tyndall working in his office at Atlantic Casualty Insurance Company.

Making the most of it

Tyndall’s advice to other industry hopefuls is to make the most of their time at Wayne, engaging faculty and learning the nuances of the business beyond the classroom. His instructors, he says, were experienced working insurance professionals, who he never hesitated to approach for answers, advice, or just to “pick their brains” about day-to-day operations in the insurance industry.

“To see different scenarios they’ve been in, real-life scenarios, not one that comes from a book … it really prepares you more for the workforce than a regular class coming out of a textbook would,” explains the energized student. “You get a different outlook from everybody, which I always appreciate.”

A bright outlook

Tyndall graduated from the program in May 2023. Next, he hopes to complete licensing exam requirements to keep his career options open in an always-on, always-evolving industry.

“There’s a wide variety of jobs in the insurance business,” says Tyndall, pondering the future. “I like where I’m at right now, but hopefully, [I’ll be] moving up.”

Even as Tyndall continues to grow professionally, he says the Risk Management and Insurance program taught him valuable skills that are used daily.

“It’s a really good program in my opinion … I learned a lot from it.”

For more information about the Risk Management and Insurance program, visit waynecc.edu/risk or contact Erin LeGrand at etlegrand@waynecc.edu or (919) 739-6880.