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WCC Announces Fall 2019 Lists

February 07, 2020

Wayne Community College has honored 298 students for outstanding academic achievement in the fall 2019 semester.

The college recognizes the students listed below as having earned a place on its President’s or Dean’s lists.

President’s List

To be named to the President’s List for the spring semester, students must have been enrolled for at least 12 semester hours and earn a grade point average of 4.0 for the semester.

Earning a place on the President’s List are

Jessica Ramirez, Associate in Arts

Alan Gonzalez, Information Technology Business Support

Deep Run
Priscilla Thompson, Early Childhood Administrator

DeShawn Brown, Simulation and Game Development;
David Escobar, Welding;
Laurie Huerta, Medical Assisting;
Angela Jones, Associate in Arts;
Fraser Kaye, Associate in Arts;
Marcos Neira-Nieda, Mechanical Engineering;
Gerson Orozco Barillas, Welding;
Victoria Perry, Associate in Science Pathway;
Raymond Price, Associate in Arts;
Adam Stott, Industrial Systems;
Lester Velasquez, Welding; and
Ivan Villa Higuera, Aviation Systems

Stephen Romine, Forest Management

Bradley List, Aviation Systems

Justin Arnette, Criminal Justice

Four Oaks
Robert Dillon, Aviation Systems; and
Meredith Johnson, Associate in Arts

Kristen Hare, Associate in Arts

Thomas Richardson, Aviation Systems

Philip Allen, Aviation Systems; and
Jeffrey Gollbach, Aviation Systems

Alayna Abbott, Associate in Arts;
Amll Alriyashi, Associate in Arts;
Cacia Barker, Early Childhood Education;
Justin Bartlow, Computer-Integrated Machining;
Arerel Belmer, Associate in Arts;
Julia Bentley, Applied Animal Science;
Mitzi Brandon, Accounting and Finance;
Mason Britt, Software Development;
Shawn Casey, Office Administration;
James Casey, Automotive Systems;
Hilda Castro, Medical Office Administration;
Elizabeth Chaffer, Network Management;
Jordan Crabill, Welding;
Terri Davis, Early Childhood Education;
Ashley DeArce, Medical Office Administration;
Lifei Dong, Associate in Arts;
Maxwell Fambrough, Simulation and Game Development;
Hunter Hammontree, Associate in Arts;
Victoria Hines, Associate in Science Pathway;
Randall Hodge, Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration;
Joshua Hodges, Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration;
Glenda Hollandsworth, Accounting and Finance;
Andrew Ingram, Agribusiness;
Kaitlyn Ivey, Accounting and Finance;
Christopher Jefferson, Air Conditioning Heating and Refrigeration;
Nina Lafleur, Associate in Arts;
Quatisha Lanier, Business Administration;
Elyzabeth Leitner, Office Administration;
Elizabeth Linker, Associate in General Education – Nursing;
Rio Israel II Mabanag, Associate in Science;
Timothy McCammon, Software Development;
Melissa Millen, Human Services;
Charles Mills, Industrial Systems;
Lesly Morales, Associate in Arts;
Reagan Newcomb, Associate in Arts;
Danh Nguyen, Associate in Science;
Lance Offield, Software Development;
Kira Parks, Early Childhood Education;
Nichole Payne, Medical Office Administration;
Zachary Pearson, Computer-Integrated Machining;
Jessica Pee-Leuk, Associate in Science;
Eric Pierce, Criminal Justice;
Kevin Pierce, Mechatronics Engineering;
Jeremy Piner, Basic Law Enforcement;
Kayla Powell, Associate in General Education – Nursing;
Tyler Power, Associate in Science;
Hunter Power, Associate Science;
Nicholas Pratt, Simulation and Game Development;
Christian Richards, Criminal Justice;
Vanessa Santiago, Associate in Arts;
Taylor Schmucker, Associate in Arts;
Kristen Sherwood, Criminal Justice;
Diana Stoudt, Associate in Arts;
Bailey Teague, Associate in Science;
Bailie Tew, Associate in Science;
Dustin Thigpen, Associate in Arts;
Aaron Trejo, Welding;
Kristian Turley, Computer-Integrated Machining;
Allisa Ward, Associate in Arts;
Taylor Whitfield, Associate in General Education – Nursing;
Johnnie Williams, Automotive Systems;
Angela Yeoman, Criminal Justice; and
Alma Zunun-Velazquez, Associate in Arts

Doris Learo, Office Administration

Brooke Mann, Dental Hygiene

Holly Springs
Jesse Sykes, Aviation Systems

Jenna Hughes, Dental Assisting; and
Hope Savage, Associate in Arts

Stanley O’Connor, Aviation Systems; and
Kevin Welton, Aviation Systems

La Grange
Omar Arias, Welding;
Walker Barrow, Simulation and Game Development;
Stephanie Bridgers, Business Administration;
Yvonne Britt, Medical Office Administration/Medical Coding;
Makenna Cooper, Continuing Education;
Justin Gosvener, Computer-Integrated Machining;
Selena Meza-Romero, Associate in Arts;
Corbett Schaefer, Associate in Science;
Joseph Sutton, Airframe Diploma;
Narmi Vasquez, Medical Office Administration;
Carla Wade, Associate in Arts

Andreanna Howard, Business Administration

Jonathan Forney, Aviation Systems

Joy Price, Associate in Arts

Mount Olive
Kelly Barrios, Business Administration;
Joey Dickinson, Network Management;
Mary Gaines, Business Administration / Operations Management;
Dewight Garner, Associate in Arts;
Arineida Morales, Office Administration;
Elvia Morales, Office Administration/Legal Assistant;
Robert Park, Information Technology Business Support;
Ryan Strickland, Computer-Integrated Machining;
Luis Vivar Cuahutle, Business Administration; and
Adam Wise, Mechatronics Engineering

Newton Grove
Ariel Sundheimer, Agribusiness

Christopher Adkins, Associate in Arts;
Heather Anderson, Accounting;
Kaitlyn Daughtry, Associate in Science;
Ryan Davis, Automotive Systems;
James Downes, Aviation Systems;
Matthew Hill, Automotive Systems;
Paul Horton, Simulation and Game Development;
Jared Howard, Associate in Science;
Austin Howard, Automotive Systems;
April Melrose, Associate in Arts;
Cheryle Melton, Office Administration;
Dalia Nagi, Associate in Science;
Austin Pate, Associate in Arts;
Krysta Rupert, Accounting;
James Shirley, Basic Law Enforcement;
William Taylor, Accounting and Finance; and
Agustin Zarate, Associate in Arts

Ceara Miracle, Associate in Science;
Isabella Pablo, Associate in Arts;
Josh Wall, Automotive Systems; and
Jacob Yelverton, Forest Management

Scott Sheck, Airframe Diploma

Stephen Gilbert, Aviation Systems; and
Ibrahim Lagueb, Aviation Systems

Seven Springs
Jennifer Morales-Valente, Associate in Arts;
Willetson Morris, Basic Law Enforcement;
Cheyenne Prybylinski, Simulation and Game Development;
Silvia Ruiz, Network Management;
Jose Sanchez, Mechatronics Engineering;
Jason Slack, Computer-Integrated Machining; and
Vanessa Southerland, Associate in Arts

Emily Bales, Dental Assisting;
Hannah Mayo, Associate in Science; and
Ryan Worley, Collision Repair and Refinishing

Snow Hill
Shamaya Bryant, Associate in General Education – Nursing

Railee Harrell, Medical Office Administration; and
Rodolfo Trejo, Swine Management

Andrew Blalock, Mechatronics Engineering


Dean’s List

To garner a spot on the spring semester Dean’s List, students must have carried 12 semester hours of classes and earned a grade point average of at least 3.50, with no grade below a “C”.

Honored with a spot on the Dean’s List are

Esmeralda Garcia, Associate in Arts; and
Alejandro Rios, Simulation and Game Development

Charelston Grady, Automotive Systems

Alton Keith, Turfgrass Management

Christian Melcher, Automotive Systems

Deep Run
Brooke Strickland, Applied Animal Science

Chelsea Taylor, Dental Assisting

Maria Castaneda, Associate in Arts,
Andrew Clark, Industrial Systems,
Lance Clark, Associate in Engineering,
Haley Gooding, Associate in Science, and
Michelle Johnson, Accounting and Finance

Gageriel Smith, Welding

Bella Torres, Criminal Justice

Jason Berry, Associate in Arts Pathway;
Leah Edmundson, Associate in Engineering;
Kira Gibbs, Office Administration;
Breeanna Horne, Associate in Arts;
Grayson Lane, Associate in Arts; and
Byron Smith, Computer-Integrated Machining

Destiney Anderson, Associate in Arts Pathway;
Ji-Sean Artis, Associate in Arts;
Darius Artis, Accounting and Finance;
Marian Atkinson, Early Childhood Education;
Felicia Audelo, Continuing Education;
Tanya Avila-Diaz, Associate in Science;
Antwon Banks, Industrial Systems;
Auntrell Barnes, Cybersecurity;
Jacqueline Barnes, Medical Office Administration;
Ryan Baugh, Collision Repair and Refinishing;
Angel Benders, Network Management;
Nathan Berkhof, Associate in Arts;
Dylon Bryson, Simulation and Game Development;
Sabria Cary-Mcneil, Associate in Arts;
Kimberly Casey, Early Childhood Education;
Collin Childers, Simulation and Game Development;
Jestin Daniels, Business Administration;
Morgan Goff, Associate in Arts;
Baron Green, Business Administration/Operations Management;
Patrice Griffin, Early Childhood Education;
Hana Hadwan, Associate in Arts;
Deanne Heath, Simulation and Game Development;
Payton Herring, Dental Assisting;
Brittani Hobbs-Simms, Associate in Arts;
Keturah Hood, Associate in Science;
Morgan Ingram, Applied Animal Science;
Ahnesti Jones, Associate in Science;
Sharon Jones, Medical Office Administration;
Susan Keith, Business Administration;
Seun Kesler, Associate in General Education – Nursing;
Dustin Lee, Mechanical Engineering;
Sean Leslie, Criminal Justice;
Ann Lewis, Business Administration;
Jared Lewis, Welding;
Diana Lopez-Martinez, Criminal Justice;
Rio Israel Mabanag, Mechatronics Engineering;
Tiffany Martinez, Medical Office Administration;
Martin Martinez, Automotive Systems;
Noah Miller, Automotive Systems;
Janelle Murchison, Business Administration;
Joshua Odum, Associate in Arts;
Jason Overton, Automotive Systems;
Bianca Pineda, Associate in Arts;
Annemarie Pinto, Associate Degree Nursing;
Mackenzie Sampier, Associate in Science;
Nathan Schneck, Associate in General Education – Nursing;
Jason Smith, Business Administration/Operations Management;
Carly Smith, Business Administration;
James Smith, Mechanical Engineering;
Jessica Stark, Associate in Science;
Kelsey Stevens, Early Childhood Education;
Shelbi Stevenson, Business Administration;
Edward Tatum, Associate in Arts;
Sharieka Valentine, Early Childhood Education;
Christina Wade, Associate in Science;
Catlain Whitman, Associate in Science; and
Eden Yousif, Associate in Arts

Eddie Bostic, Criminal Justice

Anna Savage, Applied Animal Science

Ashleigh Moore, Business Administration; and
Mattison Quinn, Business Administration

La Grange
Cristina Carranza, Associate in Arts;
Julie Harris, Associate in Science;
Gabriel Jacobs, Automotive Systems – ATEP;
Shane Johnson, Associate in Science;
Olivia Joyner, Information Technology Business Support;
Uriel Lopez-Luna, Applied Animal Science;
Anna Smith, Agribusiness;
Tyler Thornton, Associate in Arts; and
Anna Clymer, Associate in Science;

Taylor Whitley, Automotive Systems

Mount Olive
Mary Brantley, Associate in General Education – Nursing;
Rebecca Edwards, Office Administration;
Adam Grady, Associate in Engineering;
Jeremy Heath, Computer-Integrated Machining;
James Heath, Associate in Arts;
Rony Juarez Hernandez, Mechanical Engineering;
Rita Noguess, Business Administration;
John Norton, Industrial Systems;
Damaris Reyes, Associate in Science;
Amy Robinson, Business Administration; and
Blair Tadlock, Associate in Arts

Newton Grove
Hannah Brogden, Associate in Arts;
Sergio Lira, Automotive Systems; and
Mindy Williford, Early Childhood Education

Joseph Backus, Mechatronics Engineering;
Christopher Carr, Information Technology Business Support;
Hannah Carter, Business Administration;
Christian Dawson, Computer-Integrated Machining;
Matthew Desrochers, Associate in Arts;
Darrell Goss, Associate in Science;
Christina Griffin, Associate in Science;
Meredith Kruger, Associate in Engineering;
John Pace, Mechanical Engineering;
Viviana Redondo, Associate in Arts;
Daniel Rios, Associate in Arts;
Madeline Smith, Dental Assisting; and
Joseph Thompson, Automotive Systems

Emma Meador, Associate in Science; and
Ian Rowe, Agribusiness

Madison Hirsch, Agribusiness

Justin McLemore, Forest Management

Rose Hill
Andrea Rosales Contreras, Criminal Justice – Forensic Science

Carolina Ortiz, Associate in Arts; and
Nicholas Stancil, Computer-Integrated Machining

Seven Springs
Nora Hernandez Lopez, Associate in Arts;
Melani Huerta-Castaneda, Business Administration Pathway;
Santos Lopez-Lucas, Associate in Engineering; and
Juana Moreno, Associate in General Education – Nursing

Lauren Lawhon, Associate in Arts;
Yindry Matos, Associate in Arts; and
Megan Mustgrave, Associate in Arts

Snow Hill
Waylon Martinez, Mechatronics Engineering; and
Karlee Norman, Business Administration

Jimmie Bingle, Computer-Integrated Machining;
Amber Howell, Human Services;
Victor Raya, Associate in Arts;
Rachel Rodgers, Associate in Arts; and
Dennis Sauls, Associate in Arts

Matthew Flowe, Computer-Integrated Machining

Okinawa, Japan
Holly Young, Associate in Arts

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