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Agriculture and Natural Resources

Whether you like spending your days with animals, love the outdoors, or are interested in…


Accounting. Marketing. Insurance. Human Resources. Management. At Wayne Community College, you can learn everything you…

College Transfer

A 4-year university is in your future. Let us help you get there.

Computer and Simulation

Whether you're interested in developing the next big app, running a business' computer infrastructure, or…

Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies

You've always been interested in how things work. You like hands-on tasks. You're the person…

Health Services

A career as a health care professional can be both rewarding and satisfying. Gain the…

Public Safety

Learn how to keep your community safe, protected and strong with a career path in…

Public Services

Dedicated, compassionate, and strives to help others. Sound like you? Delve into Public Services.


Interested in how the world moves and develops? Get to know our Mechanical and Transportation programs.