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Student Activities

Students come to Wayne Community College to get an education, to begin a new career, or enhance the career they already have.

Student Activities provides opportunities to enhance your learning at WCC, and to have a little fun along the way. The opportunities include everything from clubs and organizations to social events, and intramural athletics to entertainment.

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association is made up of officers that you elect to serve as your liaison to the administration of the college. The SGA also provides forums for students to engage in out-of-class student development activities. Your SGA is responsible for many aspects of student life at WCC, including everything from presenting student-related issues to the administration to providing fun opportunities for students.

Clubs and Organizations

There are many ways students can enhance their education at WCC, and becoming involved in a club and/or organization is a perfect way to do that. These clubs and organizations provide social and academic development beyond the classroom. Representatives from each club are also appointed to the SGA, giving you another voice to the administration of the college.

Parking Decal and Student ID

All WCC curriculum students are required to obtain and maintain an identification card and a parking decal. You can obtain your Parking Decal and Student ID once you have completed the registration process and paid  your tuition. Once this has been done, visit Student Activities located near the Student Lounge in the Wayne Learning Center with your receipt.

Each student receives only one free ID and parking decal. After registering and paying for your classes, bring your receipt to the Student Activities office located near the Student Lounge in the Wayne Learning Center to get your student ID card and parking decal.

Damaged or lost IDs will be replaced at a cost of $5.00 per ID and additional parking decals are $2.00. Temporary parking passes can be obtained in the Student Activities office.

Student ID cards are validated each semester in the Business Office or Student Activities Office upon payment of fees.

Call the Student Activities office at (919) 739-6740 or (919) 739-6742 for office hours and other information.

Student Lounge

Wayne Community College has a beautiful, modern student lounge for your enjoyment while you are between classes. The lounge includes a wide-screen television; tables, chairs and casual seating; and vending machines. Feel free to spend time in the lounge with your friends, studying or just to relax a moment between classes.

Campus Activities and Events

The Student Activities Office hosts a variety of campus activities and events throughout the year. All activities and events are free to students who pay an activity fee.


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