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Personal Enrichment

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Lifelong Learning

Leisure / Recreational Programs are designed to provide lifelong learning for adults. These programs also contribute to the community’s overall cultural, civic and intellectual growth. Leisure / Recreational Programs offerings include courses that focus on an individual’s personal or leisure needs. These courses cover a wide variety of areas in the fine arts, consumer education, defensive driving and other cultural and civic needs.

Availability for the courses below can be found in the Course Schedule under “Leisure and Recreation Programs.”

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American Sign Language Basics

This course gives the student a basic understanding of sign language and familiarizes the student with deafness and some of the problems involved. The students will develop the ability to sign a basic conversation, and to develop a basic sign language vocabulary. Lecture and hands-on activities are the principal methods of instruction.

Beginning Sewing

This course is designed for beginner students. The students are taught how to operate a sewing machine and how to use a pattern, fabric, and thread to create a finished project. Sewing terms, tools of the trade, how to read patterns and layout instructions are introduce

Defensive Driving

This course provides safe driving techniques given by a Certified Defensive Driving Instructor according to the North Carolina Safety and Health Council.  Students learn practical strategies to reduce collision-related injuries, fatalities, and cost. The importance of attitude in preventing crashes and the reinforcing of good driving skill are addressed. View the current schedule of courses.

Floral Design

This course teaches students how to design trendy bows, wreaths, corsages, bouquets, table arrangements, and sympathy flowers.

Painting Oil, “Bob Ross”

This course teaches proper use of Bob Ross paints, brushes and the techniques involved with completing a landscape or seascape painting. The foundation needed to experience the joy of the Bob Ross method of wet-on-wet oil painting is also taught. A painting is completed by the end of each class.

Small Gas Engine Repair

This course is designed to teach participants the basic techniques of small engine repair.  Topics such as chain saws, lawn mowers, weed trimmers, and blowers are covered.  Shop safety and use of special tools are included.

Stained Glass

This course teaches the art of stained glass and its colors, textures, and uses. Tools of the trade, choice of patterns, and selection of glass are introduced. Students will learn how to cut, grind, and shape art for the project of their choice. In this process they will learn to foil pieces to form the base for assembling with lead solder. Solder techniques will be demonstrated as well as finishing techniques.

Course Availability

Course availability can be found in the Course Schedule under “Leisure and Recreation Programs.”

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