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Registration for Workforce Continuing Education Courses is fast and easy! Choose a method below.

Once Registered, Make Your Payment

  • By Phone: 919-739-6932
  • In Person: Walnut Building, East Entrance

Company & Organization Registration and Payment Process (Sponsor Billing)

All companies and organizations are required to utilize the Sponsor Billing process to ease the payment process for your employees/students for Workforce Continuing Education classes at Wayne Community College. The process is simple. You will not need to send a company/organization check/credit card with your employee at the time of registration. All you have to submit is a signed company/organization letter or memorandum on letterhead with the following key items:

  1. Company/Organization point of contact information (in the event there are any questions regarding a student or payment)
  2. State the intent of who and what class(es) your company/organization will be responsible for in the registration process (i.e. tuition,
    parking/ID, testing, books, etc.)

Once we have received the letter/memorandum and student(s) registration(s), our Business Office will submit an invoice to your company/organization. The letter/memorandum must be received on or before the class start date. Accompanying this memorandum you will find, examples of a Sponsor Billing notification. Also, you may access our latest registration form online. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the process, please contact:

Maria Rigdon
WCE Admissions Technician/Sponsor Billing
919-739-6934 or

Download Workforce Continuing Education Sample Sponsor Billing Letters

Sliding Scale For Course Fees

  • 1 to 24 hours – $70.00
  • 25 to 50 hours – $125.00
  • 51+ hours – $180.00

*Charges are subject to change based on budget.

Links To Other Continuing Education Services Forms:

Workforce Continuing Education Course Evaluation Form (Downloadable PDF)

If you have questions about the WCE Registration Process, please Contact Us for assistance.