A Brief Introduction to the Great War and NC's Role - Wayne Community College | Goldsboro, NC `

A Brief Introduction to the Great War and NC’s Role

Start at WCC, travel to Raleigh WWI exhibit and lunch | November 15, 2017

The Foundation of WCC’s Arts and Humanities Programs will host a day trip to the North Carolina Museum of History in Raleigh for the groundbreaking new exhibition “North Carolina and World War I.” Participants will meet Bill Brettmann who will offer an introduction to the WWI exhibit and then the group will dine at Sitti’s Restaurant before walking a few blocks to the museum. The 6,500 square foot exhibit is displayed mostly in a trench, which is somewhat ironic since Pershing eschewed entrenchment in favor of the Napoleonic full frontal assault, hence the terribly high US casualty rate. Period photography, 500 artifacts, and video re-enactments feature North Carolina soldiers and citizens who provided extraordinary service to the country 100 years ago.

$30 per person (Includes lunch, tour, and transportation). Contact the Foundation at wcc-foundation@www.waynecc.edu or 919-739-7017.