Writing Center

The Writing Center offers individual assistance in the writing process to curriculum students of all programs. The Writing Center is an open lab in which staff members work individually with students on a first-come, first-served basis. We aim to help students improve their critical thinking and writing skills.

The Writing Center is located in WLC 220. Please check the Campus-Wide Operating Hours for each semester’s hours of operation.

The Writing Center is a resource for students as they work on assignments involving writing. It provides tutoring in issues relating to grammar rules, language usage, and writing style, and offers “troubleshooting” for issues relating to written coursework such as essays and research papers. The Writing Center’s purpose is not to correct students’ mistakes. Its purpose is to explain issues to students and to assist them in correcting their problems themselves. The staff does not correct every mistake in students’ papers, nor does staff write students’ papers or do their work for them. The Writing Center staff looks over papers, finds mistakes, and teaches students how to identify and correct their mistakes by themselves. Additionally, the staff does not type papers for students. Instead, the staff provides computers for students to use and teaches them how to format their papers in common programs such as Microsoft Word. The staff gives students handouts and directs them to websites or other supplemental items that they may use for additional instruction. The goal of the staff is to assist students in learning how to become better writers. The Writing Center is here to help students with every step of the writing process.

The Online Writing Center

The Online Writing Center offers virtually all services that are offered in person. The Online Writing Center is available during the normal operating hours of the Writing Center. For more information, email the Online Writing Center at wcc-writingcenter@waynecc.edu.

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The Writing Center CAN

  • Ask questions to help students think
  • Encourage and guide student writers
  • Explain grammar problems
  • Help students learn to organize and develop papers
  • Help students avoid writing problems
  • Help students write more effectively
  • Teach students how to proofread
  • Suggest source materials for research
  • Demonstrate research documentation procedures
  • Assist students with word processing.

The Writing Center CAN NOT

  • Write the students’ papers
  • Write the students’ outlines
  • “Quick-fix” a paper due in a matter of hours
  • Guarantee a perfect finished product
  • Influence an instructor’s grade
  • Claim expertise on every paper’s topic.