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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Career and College Promise?

Career and College Promise offers qualified North Carolina high school students a path to success in college or in a career. The program is TUITION-FREE and is open to juniors and seniors who meet eligibility requirements.

Who is a Career and College Promise Student?

A CCP student is a student who is ready to take on the responsibilities of being both a high school and a college student and who is academically motivated to start earning college credit while maintaining his/her high school classes, job responsibilities, sports commitments, community and/or family obligations.

What are the advantages of participating in the CCP program?

Career and College Promise offers TUITION-FREE classes while working toward  a certificate, diploma, or degree.

What does a student need to know to be successful in college courses?

College classes require advanced reading comprehension skills and are intensive in reading and writing.  Students are expected to read and adhere to the syllabus for each class and abide by the attendance policy as stated for each class.  There are no excused and un-excused absences.

Can home school and private school students participate in CCP?

Yes. Students attending a registered home school or a private school may participate in CCP; these students must meet the same participation criteria applied to regular public school students.

How will my CCP courses transfer to the university of my choice?

If you are planning to attend a college or university that is part of the UNC system, all of the college transfer courses in Career and College Promise are guaranteed to transfer seamlessly.  If you are planning to attend a college that is not part of the UNC system, you can often visit the college’s website and enter the term “transfer equivalency” in the college’s search engine to see how your WCC credit will be received by that particular institution.

Can my CCP courses be used for high school credit?

Please consult with your High School Counselor for guidance on high school credit for CCP courses.

Can a student be tentatively admitted who does not meet requirements?

No, eligibility is based upon the student’s GPA at the time the counselor assesses his/her eligibility.

How much money can be saved by participating in the CPP program?

Tuition Rates
3 Semester Hour Class (SHC) $295 $67 $228
4 Semester Hour Class (SHC) $371 $67 $304
5 Semester Hour Class (SHC) $447 $67 $380
6 Semester Hour Class (SHC) $523 $67 $456
9 Semester Hour Class (SHC) $751 $67 $684
12 Semester Hour Class (SHC) $979 $67 $912
Student is responsible for purchasing text book(s).

How will grades be reported to the high schools?

The Wayne County Public School system has approved the following grading system, and each letter grade is recorded as the following numeric grade:   A – 95, B – 85, C – 75, D – 65, and F – 55

For additional information concerning Career and College Promise (CCP), contact Lorie Waller  (919-739-6757) or Lisa Rich (919-739-6758).