Steps To Enroll

To enroll in the CCP program at Wayne Community College (WCC), eligible students must complete the following steps:

STEP #1: Meet with your High School Counselor to obtain the following documentation:

(a)  Wayne Community College (WCC) application

(b) Official high school transcript

(c) Copies of all diagnostic test (PLAN, PSAT, Pre-ACT, ACT, and/or SAT) taken

(d) Release Form (A NEW Release Form is required each semester)

STEP #2: Contact the CCP Department to schedule an appointment to hand deliver the above stated documentation. This is your “CCP Enrollment Packet.”

STEP #3: Meet with a CCP representative.

STEP #4: Take WCC placement test(s) if necessary.  If you have not met college readiness benchmarks on PLAN, PSAT, SAT, Pre-ACT, and/or ACT, you will be required to take the placement test.  This will be determined by a CCP representative.

STEP #5: Bring placement test scores to CCP office for interpretation and to be placed on file.

STEP #6: Register for class(es) through The CCP Department.

STEP #7: Take a copy of your College Schedule to your High School Counselor.

STEP #8: Attend class(es).

For additional information concerning Career and College Promise (CCP), contact Lorie Waller  (919-739-6757) or Lisa Rich (919-739-6758).