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Transcript Request – Adult High School

Due to the Federal Privacy Act we must have the student’s written consent before we can release a transcript.

The form must be signed by the student, not printed. We also need the Social Security Number and the name under which the student attended. The approximate year in which you tested is required in locating the transcript. If the transcript is sent to the student it will be stamped with “Transcript Enclosed Unofficial if Seal is Broken”. Some schools consider these to be unofficial and will not accept them. If sent directly to the school it is official. There is no charge for each transcript requested. Please confirm with the Transitional Programs for College and Career Department at (919) 739-6908 that your faxed form has been received.

Students are responsible for submitting the correct address for transcript forwarded.

Please allow at least 24 hours from the time of request before attempting to pick up the transcript in person. (Failure to complete any item could prevent or delay processing.)

Fee:  None

Download a PDF of the AHS Transcript Request form.


Please address the request attention to the appropriate department you are requesting the transcript from:

For Adult High School Transcripts:
Attn: Harold Warren (TPCC)
Wayne Community College
P.O. Box 8002
Goldsboro, NC 27533-8002
Phone:  919-739-6921
Fax: 919-736-1707