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eLearning – Future Students

Welcome Future Students!

Online courses, degree, diploma, and certificate programs offer students the flexibility to pursue a college education or enhance their skills while working, caring for family, and attending to other relationships and responsibilities.

Curriculum: WCC has several online degrees, diplomas, and certificate programs that can be completed entirely online. Additionally, there are even more programs in which most courses can be completed online. See the Online Programs page for more information.

Continuing Education: Distance Education courses are also offered through the WCC Continuing Education division. Many online learning options are available, like internet marketing, digital photography, Microsoft Office programs and more.  Visit our Continuing Education Distance Learning Website for more information on these non-credit online courses.


Ready to Apply?

The application process for eLearning for online courses or programs can be completed online without having to step foot onto our campus.

The application can be done online through the College Foundation of NC or by mailing an application and your transcripts to the college, all of which can be done without visiting the WCC campus.

For fully online students, the required advising interview with one of our counselors can be completed by phone.

Arrangements for any required placement testing should be discussed during the phone interview.

Let Your Advisor Know – You Want Online Classes

Once you have been accepted to WCC, make sure you tell your advisor that you intend to take online classes when you are registering. Otherwise, they may accidentally register you for on-campus classes.

Visit the Apply Now page to get started at WCC.

Technical Skills and Resources

All WCC courses can potentially use technology- computers, the Internet, and various applications and programs. It is strongly recommended students have or acquire the following skills and be able to:

  • Use an Internet browser, such as Chrome which is recommended for accessing Moodle
  • Have access to a reliable computer and Internet connection (WCC has multiple computer labs for student use but completing an entire online course using campus computers will take dedication)
  • Conduct Internet searches
  • Compose, send, and receive emails with attachments
  • Use Microsoft Word
  • Save files in various formats
  • Download and upload files from the Internet
  • Allocate the time needed to participate in an online course
  • Obtain and install any necessary software required for a course
  • Maintain academic progression through the duration of the course