Information Literacy/Study Session Reservation

NOTE:  The Literacy Lab is closed to all users until the work is completed to install the new computer workstations.  Meanwhile, any group study reservations will be transferred to use one or more of the four study pods beside the Lab.  Thanks for understanding!

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required. Please note that all reservations for Library Information Literacy sessions, Library Tours, Instructor-led Study, or Student-led Group Study sessions are not actually scheduled until they are confirmed with either of the Reference Librarians by telephone at 919.739.6890, or ext. 6890 on-campus, or by email at

For Student-led Group Study sessions, one student should be designated by the group as the “Lead Student” to act as the contact person for confirming the reservation and contacting his or her fellow group members of any updates to the reservation.  That Lead Student should enter his or her name, email and phone number into the reservation form.

Please make sure to use your WCC Email address only:

  • If you are a WCC Employee, including Faculty members, your email must end in:
  • If you are a WCC Student your email must end in:

Please enter only one time slot for a single class in a single form submission, to avoid scheduling confusion.  If, as an instructor, you have another class coming in on the same day, just fill out a separate form for that other class’s session request.

Demand for using the Library Literacy Lab may cause scheduling conflicts, so please confirm your reservation as soon as possible.

In the case of a scheduling conflict for the Library Literacy Lab, and if library staff is available, an off-site session in one of the instructor’s WCC classrooms may be arranged, providing literacy skills sessions for both groups of students at the same time.

If you need to cancel your reservation, please do so as early as possible by calling the Reference Librarians at 919.739.6890, or ext. 6890 on-campus.  You may also leave a message at the Circulation Desk (919-739-6891, ext. 6891 on-campus).  This will free the Literacy Lab for use by other instructors, or students wishing to use the room’s computers.  Thank you!