The Foundation of Wayne Community College

Wayne Community College Foundation is a nonprofit organization established to support the students, faculty, staff and programs of Wayne Community Community College. The purpose of the Foundation is to broaden the base of community support in order to promote the educational development of Wayne Community College.  To learn more about the Foundation and its history please visit the About the Foundation page.

The Foundation awarded 368 scholarships this year.  That was more than $224,000.00 dollars invested in education by caring donors.  Not only does the Foundation support the students of WCC but they also provide support for the faculty and staff through special awards and grants.  To learn more about the support the Foundation offers the students, faculty and staff and what your gifts to the Foundation provide, please visit the Opportunities for Giving page.
The Foundation offers a wide variety of cultural experiences through its well known Arts and Humanities Program.  The Foundation is able to offer these programs to the college faculty, staff and community in a variety of ways including trips, lectures, classes etc.  Through the Arts and Humanities program the Foundation hosts The Praxis Film Festival each year which brings in independent films from all over the world as well as some of the film makers.

The Foundation has been fortunate enough to host a Scholarship Invitational each year since 1992.  In 2014 the tournament raised a record $150,000, all of which went to fund student scholarships.

What’s Happening Now