Apply for Scholarship Opportunities and FAQs

Scholarship Applications are Now Online!


Q: What do I need to do BEFORE applying for Foundation of WCC scholarships?

A: Before applying, scholarship applicants must:

  • Apply and be accepted to Wayne Community College
    • Receive student email and student ID number
  • Complete and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Q: When can I apply for Foundation of WCC scholarships?

A: For high school seniors, applications are accepted

  • March 1-April 30

For college students, applications accepted for

  • Summer Semester*: April 1-30
  • Fall Semester: April 1-June 30
  • Spring Semester: October 1-November 30

*limited scholarship opportunities

Q: Where do I go to apply for Foundation of WCC scholarships?

A: Apply here:

Our online application software is cloud-based so that WCC students can apply from anywhere they  have internet access.

Q: When creating an account on, what email address should I use?

A: All students should use their WCC student email address.


Q: Why do I have to use my WCC student email to sign in?

A: This is to ensure that your student information at the college will be matched to your scholarship application. It is not only required, but to your advantage to use your student email address so that you can be matched to the best scholarship opportunities.

Q: What password should I use?

A: Your password must contain a minimum of 8 characters and include 1 digit, 1 uppercase letter, and 1 lowercase letter.

It is strongly suggested that you use the same password associated with your student email address that you use for signing into other WCC portals.

Q: What kind of scholarships are available?

A: Currently all scholarships offered through our site are for curriculum courses, only. Any student interested in assistance/scholarships for Workforce Continuing Education (WCE) classes should speak to a WCE advisor.

Q: How do I apply for a specific scholarship?

A: There are no specific scholarship applications.

All students must apply by filling out the general application. Depending on the information provided, a student may be prompted to answer further questions to apply for more specific opportunities that may match the student to a specific scholarship.

The Foundation of WCC strives to match each student with the best scholarship opportunities available based on the information shared in the student’s application profile.

Q: Can I save my application mid-process?

A: You can save your application at any time by clicking *Save and Keep Editing* at the bottom of the form.

Once completed, you can submit your application by clicking *Finish and Continue*.

Q: Can I update my information after submitting my application?

A: Any information in the student profile/application can be updated/changed as long as the application period is still open. Once the application period is closed, all information is final.

Q: How do I get a reference letter for my application?

A: Within the general application, please provide the name and email address of a person (not a relative, preferably a current faculty member) who can serve as a reference for you (additional examples: employer, counselor, coach, mentor, spiritual leader, administrator).

*If you are a High School applicant, reference must be from a High School Teacher.

*If you are a Nursing student, reference must be from a Nursing faculty member.

An email will be sent to your reference with instructions on how to sign in and submit the letter of recommendation. Please make sure to type the email address correctly for prompt/successful delivery.

*It is your responsibility to check back before the application period closes to ensure that your reference has submitted the requested information.

Q: How do I know if my reference has submitted their letter of recommendation?

A: Within the student profile on, there will be a table along the top that shows the activity of the student’s application including the current status of the reference submission. If a reference letter has been submitted, the notification will update immediately.

Q: Can I change my reference?

A: Any reference in the general application can be updated/changed as long as the application period is still open. Simply add a new reference to the general application.  An email will be sent out to the new reference and you will be notified in your student profile on when the letter has been submitted.

Q: What expenses are covered by a Foundation Scholarship?

A: Scholarship funds are awarded for tuition only, unless otherwise specified. Award amounts vary.  It is the responsibility of the student to pay any remaining balance on their account after the scholarship award is deducted from the initial balance.

Q: What if I receive Financial Aid?

A: If you receive financial aid funds that cover your tuition the scholarship award may not be used for other expenses, unless otherwise specified.

For any and all additional questions, please contact or visit the Foundation Office:



Adrienne Northington

Executive Director of the Foundation of WCC




Emily Byrd

Donor Relations/Communications Coordinator


919 739-7022


Diane Belmont

Resource Development & Data Management Coordinator


919 739-7006