Scholarship Invitational

Due to COVID-19 and the uncertainty that lies ahead, we have made the decision to cancel this year’s dinner and auction.  The golf tournament portion of the Invitational will take place on September 18th at Walnut Creek Country Club.  Please check back for updates.

The Benefit Golf Tournament was started in 1993 by Dillon Wooten to help fund scholarships. The NC Community College President at the time, Bob Scott, was the keynote speaker and the event raised $14,000. The traditional auction dinner and golf tournament was held at Lane Tree Golf Club.

In 2008, Jackson and Sons Heating and Air Conditioning became the tournament sponsor and in 2009 the tournament and dinner auction moved to Walnut Creek Country Club. Also in 2009, Larry Boyce became the tournament chairman and under his leadership along with many volunteers, the net proceeds have grown each year, making it the most successful golf tournament in the NC Community College System.

In 2010, the name was changed to Scholarship Invitational to reflect the main purpose of the event, which is to fund student scholarships at Wayne Community College. In 2014, Jeff Jackson and Meagan Bourgeois became our invitational co-chairs. They provided strong leadership and dedication to our students.  Justin McLamb has taken over the role of invitational chair and has been instrumental in providing new ideas and sponsors to this year’s golf committee.

In 2019, the WCC Scholarship Invitational raised $197,000 which enabled us to award scholarships to over 200 students. Over the past 27 years, the WCC Scholarship Invitational has raised over 2 million dollars for student scholarshipsThe continued success of the Invitational is attributed to generous donors and community partners who truly make a difference in many students’ lives!

Two-thirds of WCC students work while attending college and most of them have family responsibilities.  A few are older and have already been in the workforce.  Some are single parents who want to build strong and healthy families.  Others come straight out of high school. Often the main barrier to completing their education is financial.  Of the students attending WCC over 70% depend on some sort of financial aid.  While the state’s funding continues to decrease, tuition has again increased to $2,500 a year for a full time student.  If financial aid doesn’t keep pace, some students will not be able to afford college.  Support from other resources is critical to enable them to get the education they deserve.

By becoming a sponsor of the Scholarship Invitational, you can provide the means for WCC students to complete their education, learn the tools they need to enter the workforce and give them a real chance to succeed. 100% of your donation will go to scholarships.