Scholarship Invitational

We are excited to announce, that through the 26th Scholarship Invitational, held on June 12 and 13, $203,000 was raised ALL FOR STUDENT SCHOLARSHIPS!  This is a record amount of money raised by this annual event and we are thankful for the support we receive from generous donors!.
We are celebrating the success of the 26th Invitational while looking forward to the 27th Invitational which will be held June 11-12, 2019.  As we get closer to the event more details such as auction items will be announced!

Two-thirds of WCC students work while attending college and most of them have family responsibilities.  A few are older and have already been in the workforce.  Some are single parents who want to build strong and healthy families.  Others come straight out of high school. Often the main barrier to completing their education is financial.  Of the students attending WCC over 70% depend on some sort of financial aid.  While the state’s funding continues to decrease, tuition has again increased to $2,500 a year for a full time student.  If financial aid doesn’t keep pace, some students will not be able to afford college.  Support from other resources is critical to enable them to get the education they deserve.

Donations provide assistance where it is most needed, to students, who otherwise may not be able to attend college. By becoming a sponsor of the Scholarship Invitational, you can provide the means for WCC students to complete their education, learn the tools they need to enter the workforce and give them a real chance to succeed. 100% of your donations will go to scholarships.