College Credit for Military Training

CLEP General & Subject Examinations: There are 34 tests that measure college level achievement in five main areas: English Composition, Humanities, Mathematics, Natural Science, and Social Sciences and History. Colleges may award 3 to 12 semester hours of college credit for successful completion. Visit the College Board website for more information.

Dantes Subject Standardized Tests (DSSTs): The DSSTs cover both college level subject matter and vocational/ technical matter. Tests are available in 37 subject areas. Colleges may award you up to 3 (three) semester hours of college credit for each test successfully passed. Visit the Get College Credit website for more information.

CLEP and DSSTs exams are free, one time, to active duty and active reserve members. Retirees, DoD civilian employees, family members, and civilians attending on-­‐base schools may test for a nominal fee.

Passing CLEP and DANTES scores in English, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Humanities, and Mathematics can equal credit for classes offered in these areas at Wayne Community College. For a listing of CLEP, DANTES and other standardized exams, please select Credit by Examination.


WCC Offers evaluations of Military experience for all active duty and retired military personnel. In order to have an official military evaluation completed, which may result in transfer credits, you will need:

  •   Official copy of your military transcript.
  •   Official transcripts from your high school & any other colleges attended.
  •   Completed application for WCC Admissions process.