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Operations Management

Operations management is a growing field with unique opportunities for the right individuals. Those passionate about strategy, communications, business, and project management might want to consider earning in this field in order to qualify for a variety of different careers.

Operations managers coordinate the activities of business organizations. Specifically, they direct the production, pricing, sales and distribution of product or services and are responsible for overall operations improvement. Day-to-day duties may include setting hiring and training standards, establishing production and budget objectives, forecasting customer demand and meeting with managers from other departments.

You will receive the necessary training to become a business owner, manager, or first-line supervisor, and be prepared to work in government agencies, financial institutions, and a variety of business environments. Median yearly salaries for the Operations Management program are $57,304, depending on the industry you choose. The U.S. Department of Labor has projected a 7.3% employment growth in this area over the next five years. Courses are taught 100% online, as hybrids, at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, and in the evenings.

Average Class Size

15 – 20

Things to Consider

You will become a well skilled graduate who is prepared for a growing labor market. You will find classes to be small where instructors get to know you personally allowing for more individualized instruction. You may receive credit for work experience.

ECU’s Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology Transfer Program
ECU Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology Transfer Program banner
Interested in earning a Bachelor’s? Our Operations Management degree qualifies for East Carolina University’s BS in Industrial Technology Transfer Program! Once you receive your Associate in Applied Science degree at WCC, you have the option of transferring your credits to ECU towards a Bachelor’s in Industrial Technology (BSIT). Learn more about the program at ECU’s website.

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