Campus Police - Wayne Community College | Goldsboro, NC `

Campus Police

The Wayne Community College Campus Police Department, established in 2010, is a fully-sanctioned law enforcement agency. The department is led by Chief John Duncan and consists of sworn officers with full powers of arrest pursuant to North Carolina General Statue 115D-21.1, and enforce federal, state, and local laws along with certain college policies.

The WCC Campus Police Department supports the students, staff and faculty by ensuring a safe and secure environment for the educational process. Services include crime prevention, security patrols, escort services, traffic control, and vehicle assistance, to name a few.

The WCC Campus Police Office is located in Room 195 of the Wayne Learning Center. Officers can be reached by calling 919-739-7050 (extension 7050 on campus phones) or using the call boxes located in all parking lots. Chief Duncan may also by contacted via e-mail.

Security Incident Reporting

Campus Police Officers are trained to observe and report. Upon receipt of a call, Campus Police Officers are dispatched immediately to the site of the complaint to render assistance, write an incident report, take statements from witnesses, and conduct follow-up inquiries as required. A Campus Security Daily Incident Log is maintained by the Office of Campus Police and is available upon request.

Campus Law Enforcement Authority

WCC Campus Police have complete police authority to apprehend and arrest anyone involved in illegal acts on-campus and areas immediately adjacent to the campus. Campus Police may also refer college students to the Director of Counseling Services for possible disciplinary action; if minor offenses involving college rules and regulations are committed.

Major offenses such as rape, murder, aggravated assault, robbery, and auto theft are also reported to the local police and joint investigative efforts with investigators from WCC and the city police are deployed to solve these serious felony crimes.

The department has law enforcement authority over all College-owned or leased property including college facilities at the Wayne Executive Jetport and roads adjacent to or running through the college-owned or leased property. These jurisdictional boundaries are set by NC General Statutes 74G Campus Police Act and 115D-21.1 Campus Law Enforcement Agencies. These areas are also patrolled by the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office and the Goldsboro Police Department.

Campus Police personnel work closely with local, state, and federal police agencies and have direct radio communication with the Goldsboro Police Department and Wayne County Sheriff’s Office on the County Emergency Services network. The Campus Police is also a part of the Wayne County 911 Emergency System. The Department also works closely with state and federal law enforcement agencies. The prosecution of all criminal offenses, both felony and misdemeanor, are conducted by the North Carolina 8th District Court in session at the Wayne County Courthouse.

Notice: Wayne Community College is randomly patrolled by police K-9 units. All staff, students, visitors and vehicles on WCC property are subject to K-9 exposure.