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Traffic and Parking

Traffic and Parking Policies

All of the provisions of Chapter 20 of North Carolina General Statues relating to the use of the highways of the State of North Carolina and the operation of motor vehicles thereon shall apply to the streets, roads, alleys, and driveways on the campus of the College along with other rules and regulations approved by the Board of Trustees as specified under North Carolina General Statue 115D-21.

  1. 1. Citations will be issued for violations of the college’s Traffic and Parking Policy.
  2.  These rules and regulations shall apply on a 24-hour basis to operators of all vehicles, public or private, while operating a vehicle on the campus of the college.
  3. The operator of any vehicle on the campus of the college shall comply with the legal instructions of any Campus Police Officer and all traffic signs in accordance with the provision of these regulations.
  4. The responsibility of finding a legal parking space rests with the motor vehicle operator. Lack of space is not considered
    an excuse for violation of parking regulations.
  5. The College shall be responsible for ensuring that the  necessary signs are erected and maintained to carry out the
    intent of these regulations.
  6. All vehicles to be operated on campus must be properly registered and display a parking decal on the rear of the vehicle. Motorcycles and mopeds are also subject to this policy.  Failure to comply with the vehicle registration procedure constitutes an offense equal to a parking violation.
  7. Display parking decal as shown on left side outside of back glass (left bottom corner).*
  8. Motorcycles/mopeds must have a parking decal visibly displayed and park in designated motorcycle spaces if available. If a designated space is not available, any undesignated space will suffice. It is the operator’s responsibility to use a kick-stand plate if parking outside a designated motorcycle parking space.
  9. The person to whom a vehicle parking decal is issued, as herein provided, shall be responsible for all parking and traffic
    violations of the vehicle for which the permit is issued. Obtaining a parking decal is the responsibility of the person bringing the vehicle on campus, and failure to do so constitutes a violation of the Traffic and Parking Policy.
  10. Students may park in any undesignated parking spaces.
  11. Visitor parking spaces are not for student use.
  12. Should you need a temporary parking pass, contact the Student Activities Office.

Specific Violations of the Traffic and Parking Policy

The following list includes specific traffic and parking violations which could result in citations, fines, warnings or other disciplinary action.

This list is not all-inclusive, but contains most foreseeable punishable offenses:

  1. Parking in a restricted parking lot or zone.
  2. Parking in “handicapped parking” without a proper handicapped  decal or license plate displayed.
  3. Parking on grass (unless signs indicate this is permissible or the space is designated as an overflow parking area).
  4. Blocking any legally parked vehicle.
  5. Not displaying a current parking decal/permit.*
  6. Not affixing parking decal to the rear of the vehicle.*
  7. Parking in a “no-parking” zone.
  8. Parking in a “visitor” zone.
  9. Affixing a parking decal/permit to a vehicle other than that for which it was issued.*
  10. Parking against traffic flow.
  11. Reckless driving.
  12. Blocking or obstructing traffic, street, crosswalk, sidewalk, fire hydrant, building entrance or exit, or another vehicle properly parked.
  13. Protruding into lane of traffic.
  14. Double parking.
  15. Parking on shoulder of road (except where parking is indicated by official signs).
  16. Driving in excess of posted speed limits.
  17. Failure to obey traffic signs.
  18. Failure to obey directions of Campus Police Officers.
  19. Failure to yield right-of-way at pedestrian crossings.
  20. Following too closely.
  21. Driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.
  22. Operating vehicle causing loud and unnecessary noise, such as mufflers, horns, public address systems, stereos, etc.
  23. Failure to yield right-of-way to emergency vehicles.
  24. Failure to obey all seat belt and child passenger safety seat  requirements.
  25. Operating or parking a vehicle in any manner that creates a safety hazard.
  26. Leaving a vehicle on campus overnight without notifying a Campus Police Officer.

Consequences of Traffic and Parking Violations

  1. The following system of citations and fines shall be used:
    a. The Office of Campus Police shall be responsible for issuing citations for improper parking and other Traffic Code violations.
    b. Fines
    i. Violations of the Traffic and Parking Policy carry a $25.00 fine for each citation.
    ii. Fines shall be made payable to the Business Office  and receipted by the cashier.
    iii. Fines must be paid immediately after all appeals have been exhausted; or if the person has not filed notification of
    the intent to appeal, immediately following his/her last hearing; or ten calendar days after the ticket was issued
    and the time for appeal has expired; whichever  is greater.
  2. In addition to the standard fines imposed for violations of the Traffic Code, the following penalties may also be imposed:
    a. All of those provisions detailed in North Carolina General Statute 115D-21 and Section 20.
    b. The College shall prohibit a student from registering for classes for the next semester if the student owes fines from
    the previous semester.
    c. The College shall withhold transcripts and deny graduation for students for failure to pay fines.
    d. Faculty and staff will be subject to disciplinary procedures in accordance with college policy.
    e. Delinquent fines will be added to the student’s financial account with the College. The student will not be permitted to re-enroll until fines are paid.
    f. Students who accumulate five or more traffic citations for parking and traffic violations will lose their parking and
    driving privileges on campus for the remainder of the semester in which the violations have occurred and for the
    following semester.
    g. Any vehicle left on campus for one week or more without properly notifying the Office of Campus Police will be considered abandoned and towed at the owner’s  expense.
    h. When a vehicle which is improperly parked so as to obstruct the flow of traffic or movement of other vehicles is identified, the driver of the vehicle will be notified  immediately. This may require calling the student out of class. If a student is notified more than once to move his/her improperly parked vehicle, his driving privileges on the college campus may be revoked.

Traffic and Parking Appeal Process

Students receiving citations or penalties resulting from alleged violations of the Traffic and Parking Policy may do any of the following:

a. Pay the fine.

b. File written appeal with the Director of Counseling Services within three business days of receipt of a citation. A ruling
on  the appeal will be made within five business days and the student will be notified in writing.

c. Students dissatisfied with the decision of the Director of Counseling Services may make final appeal to the Chief of Administrative Services within three business days.

* Vehicle Registration and Parking Decal

All vehicles driven on the college campus must be registered and have a valid parking permit properly displayed. Any violation of College traffic rules and regulations may result in a fine.

Students parking on the WCC campus are required to have a valid parking decal.

Each curriculum student receives only one free parking decal. Additional parking decals can be purchased in the Business Office for  $2.00 each. A valid license plate number is required to obtain a parking decal. Call the Student Activities office at 919-739-6740 or 919-739-6742 for office hours and other information.

Both day and night Continuing Education students are required to display a parking decal. The Student Parking Fee is $2.00. Parking decals must be purchased in the Continuing Education Services Office at the time of registration.