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Wayne Community College has something newsworthy happen here almost every day. These notable items range from accomplishments and awards to campus happenings and activities. The college’s Public Information Office is tasked with releasing and publishing the college’s news and information. The Public Information Office is constantly sending out news releases. This office also alerts media outlets when the college may be closing or delayed due to inclement weather or unforeseen actions.


More Wayne Community College news can be found in the bimonthly “Wayne Acclaim” newsletter. You can view the current and past issues of it here.
Wayne Acclaim Mid-Spring 2023
Wayne Acclaim Early Spring 2023
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Wayne Acclaim Late Spring 2022
Wayne Acclaim Mid-Spring 2022
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The WCC Calendar has important dates and events for students. If you are a user of the Google Calendar, you can add events from the WCC Calendar to your Google Calendar.

Campus Events and Important Dates

View a master list of Campus Events and Important Dates List (revised regularly)

Hours of Operation

Hours of operation for many college services vary across campus. Find hours of operation to services from the library to the cafeteria.


Current job openings are listed here. You can also find an online employment application and important information about how to apply for a vacant position at the college.