Consortium Agreements

A consortium or contractual agreement is a written arrangement between schools requiring the home school to give credit for courses taken at the other school(s) on the same basis as if provided the training itself (FSA Handbook Ch.2).

Under the consortium agreement, a student may enroll simultaneously at WCC and another Title IV eligible institution with the intent of combining the hours at both institutions for financial aid payment purposes. In most instances, this is possible as long as certain requirements are met. These requirements include but are not limited to:

  1. The course(s) taken at the other institution must be a requirement and transferable to your degree program at WCC.
  2. The course(s) taken at the other institution are not offered at WCC or degree completion will be significantly delayed due to course sequencing and or prerequisite requirements for WCC course(s).
  3. The student must be concurrently enrolled for at least six (6) credit hours per semester at WCC.
  4. The student must be in good academic standing.
  5. The host institution must be a Title IV eligible institution.
  6. The student is responsible for payment and or making payment arrangements for course(s) at the host school.

General Information

  • Financial aid will be awarded by the school in which you are degree-seeking and will receive your degree. For this purpose, WCC is your “home” institution and the other school is your “host” school.
  • The purpose of the consortium agreement is to allow you to take course(s) at another institution to be applied for credit towards your degree program at WCC.
  • The consortium agreement allows WCC to ensure disbursement of the proper amount of financial aid.
  • A financial aid consortium agreement is only necessary and will only be processed if the student is receiving financial aid.
  • A student must be eligible for financial aid and take enough credit hours to qualify for financial aid.
  • The student is responsible for paying applicable tuition and fee charges at the “host” institution.
  • WCC does not make payment directly to the “host” school. Payment for course(s) taken at another school is the student’s responsibility.
  • An official transcript from the “host” school must be obtained by the student and submitted to the Office of Admission and Records to be evaluated for credit towards degree program at WCC.
  • The “host” school reserves the right to charge a reasonable transcript fee and this fee is the student’s responsibility.


  1. The student is responsible for obtaining the letter of permission known as the Permission to Enroll at Another Institution form from the Office of Admission and Records at WCC. This form must be signed by the Director of Admission and Records or an appointee. The student is responsible for picking this form up and taking it to the host school to begin or complete the registration process as a Special Credit or Visiting student.
  2. The Financial Aid Office at WCC requires the student complete its Consortium Agreement Request This form must be submitted at the beginning of each semester. The student is encouraged to read the form and provide all required documentation including a copy of the Permission to Enroll at Another Institution form, course(s) registration and proof of payment.
  3. The student is encouraged to communicate with their academic advisor to ensure that the course(s) they wish to take at the host institution meet the degree requirements at WCC and will transfer to their degree program at WCC. NOTE: Not all course(s) taken at the host school will transfer to the degree program at WCC. This includes electives. Additionally, audited courses will not count towards the consortium agreement or for credit for financial aid payment.
  4. Completed forms and supporting documentation should be mailed to the Financial Aid Office at Wayne Community College, Post Office Box 8002, Goldsboro, NC 27533-8002 or faxed to 919-736-9425.

Contact Information

If you have questions regarding a consortium agreement, please contact the office at 919-739-6735. If you have questions regarding a consortium agreement for the Regionally Increasing Baccalaureate Nurses (RIBN) or the accelerated Regionally Increasing Baccalaureate Nurses (aRIBN) program(s), please contact Brenda Mercer Burgess at 919-739-6736 or email