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2014-2015 Forms

Student Income Verification-for independent & dependent students who are required to complete verification of income.
Parent Income Verification-for dependent students who are required to complete verification of parent income.
Verification of Student’s Household Size & Number in College-for independent students who are required to verify household size
Verification of Parent’s Household Size Number in College- for dependent students who are required to verify parent’s household size
Verification of Child Support Paid-for independent or dependent students when child support paid out is reported on the FAFSA
Verification of SNAP Benefits-for independent or dependent students when the receipt of food stamps is reported on the FAFSA
Proof of Dependents-this form may be required when a student who would generally considered dependent is determined to be independent solely because he/she has at least one dependent
Dependency Status Form-may be required for students who are considered independent for reasons other than age or marital status
Marital Status-may be required to clarify marital status
WCC Unusual Enrollment History Form-may be required for students who have attended multiple institutions in previous years
Bachelors Degree Statement-Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, or Doctorate Degree Program Statement-may be required in certain situations to clarify student degree status
FAFSA Certification Signature Page-may be used in lieu of a Federal Student Aid PIN to sign the FAFSA
Federal Work Study Application
-to be completed each semester by students who are interested in part-time work on campus to help with college expenses
Childcare Assistance Application-students interested in receiving assistance with childcare expenses while enrolled in college should complete an application each semester
Consortium Agreement Request- students interested in taking classes at another school to receive credit at WCC must complete this form. The student must be currently enrolled and in good standing at WCC.
About Your Award-Important information about all financial aid awards
SAP Policy-Explains the satisfactory academic progress requirements for receiving financial aid and maintaining eligibility at Wayne Community College.

2013-2014 Forms

About Your Award
Bachelors Degree Statement
Childcare Application
Drug Conviction Eligibility Worksheet
FAFSA Cert and Signature Page
Federal Work Study Application
Independent Student Status Form
Parent Income Verification
Scholarship Application
Student Income Verification
Summer Financial Aid Request Form

Verification of Child Support Paid
Verification of Household Size
Verification of SNAP Benefits